A small church without limits

Not limited to church buildings or projects

Our members live out their faith in the real world of family, friendships and work place. Our faith leads to community service as school governors, charity trustees, councillors, first responders and countless local voluntary groups which are the backbone of our village community.    

Not limited to the middle of the road

We enjoy traditional hymns and contemporary songs. We happily mix organ and band. We value Biblical teaching and celebrate holy communion every week. We love candles, flowers, the occasional whiff of incense, the squidginess of play doh and the presence of children and animals.

No limits to welcome

We welcome anyone and everyone, regardless of age, gender, race, physical ability, mental health, sexuality or economic power.   

Who's who at St Bart's

Fiona Jenkins

Fiona is Vicar of St Bart’s. She is married to Stan, and they have two adult children and two gorgeous granddaughters. 

Animals: The Vicarage zoo includes Bramble (mad lurcher), Teasel & Fred (cats), Oswald (tortoise) and a tank of tropical fish.
Relaxing: Riding, red wine, reading SF & fantasy, weaving, sewing and gardening in theory. 

Rice pudding and crowded places.

Why are you a Christian?
Because I checked the historical evidence and am convinced that Jesus lived, died and rose again to new life on Easter Day. I want to be part of that adventure into new life.

Watch this space as we patiently track down more of the shy & reclusive people of St Bart’s. Regrettably this will mean visiting local pubs and eateries, or we may have to tempt them into the open with red wine, or chocolate, the promise of tapas, or curry… To be honest any food or drink will do!


As a church family it’s very important to us that children and vulnerable adults are treated with dignity and respect. We have adopted the House of Bishops ‘Promoting a Safer Church’ policy and the Parish Safeguarding Handbook, incorporating the House of Bishop’s Safeguarding Policy and Practice Guidance.

Visit our Safeguarding page for full details and policy documents.