Bell ringing

The bells and ringers play a key part in the life of St Bartholomew’s. We’re fortunate in still having our own team of local ringers so the bells can be rung each Sunday morning and for weddings or funerals on request. We ring from the ground floor, so ringers do not have to negotiate the steep tower stair.

Bell ringing is for all ages - our youngest member is a teenager, the oldest is in their 80's. The ringing team practise on Thursday evenings at 8pm and new members are always welcome. Email Tower Captain Jeff Fildes to find out more.

The bells of St Bart's

The present peal of six bells were cast and hung in 1793 by Mears & Stainbank of Whitechapel Bell Foundry. In 1955 a craftsman from the same firm who had originally made the bells came to Chipping to rehang and quarter‐turn the bells. This was so that the clappers which had struck the same two spots on each bell for 160 years would strike new places.

In 1991 the bells were removed and sent to the Whitechapel Bell Foundry to be tuned and re-hung in a cast iron, galvanised frame. The dismantling of the old frame, lowering the bells and transport was done by local volunteers.

We are part of the Preston Branch of the Lancashire Association of Change Ringers and regularly host branch meetings and visiting ringers.