Church and Community - the Memorial Chapel

The Memorial Chapel to the right of the altar holds many reminders of the connections between church and community.

The Berry Memorial Window was installed in 1967.  It incorporates the tools of chairmaking (for which Chipping was famous), the two ancient sources of power, water and fire, and symbolic representations of the Passion of Christ.

The plaques on the wall and Book of Remembrance record those who died after the church yard was closed in 1973.

The Saxon stone is possibly a plague stone where plague victims could leave money for food. The intricately carved chest is about 300 years old and came from St Bartholomew’s hospital in London.

Pause here and pray for the people and communities you know and love.

Lord Jesus,
you lived in a village and worked with your hands,
you welcomed children and healed the sick.
I ask your blessing on my family, friends
and community. Amen.

Go to the Bell Tower at the back of the church

The bell tower was built c. 1450. It houses a ring of six bells cast in 1793 by Thomas Mears at the Whitechapel Bell Foundry in London. The bells were rehung and tuned in 1992. 

Church bells call us to worship. Before you leave the church, pause here and ask yourself, “How will I hear God’s call to me?”.

Loving God, open my ears to hear your call,
open my eyes to see your love,
open my heart to welcome you into my life. Amen.

Go in peace to love and serve the Lord

We hope you have enjoyed your virtual pilgrimage to St Bart’s and hope you will visit us in person one day.

You can discover more about St Bartholomew’s and the parish of Chipping by downloading our Historical Notes.

If  you are researching your own family history you will find links to digital records on our Family History page..