Thanksgiving for the Gift of a Child

What is a Thanksgiving Service?

A Thanksgiving is a special church service, different from a christening, which can be used as a way to say thank you to God for your child. You do not have to make any promises about faith in this service, we simply ask for God’s blessing and pray for you and your baby. You can choose special friends, known as 'supporting friends' and during the service the supporting friends promise to do all they can to help and encourage the you and your child.

You might prefer to have a Thanksgiving instead of a christening because you want your child to have the opportunity to choose baptism for themselves when they are older. You could also have a Thanksgiving service now followed by a baptism at a later date to fit with your family circumstances.

We welcome Thanksgiving enquiries from people who :

  • live in the parish of Chipping;
  • regularly and habitually attend worship at St Bartholomew’s church;
  • have previously lived in the parish, or have a similar strong, historic, local family connection with St Bartholomew’s.


To find out more please contact Revd Fiona Jenkins.

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